Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wall Murals Rock, Dude!

Lebowski's Men's Hair Salon was on Channelside Drive across from the dry docks. Described as a "man cave," men received the royal treatment from the "Lebowski girls." It has recently closed but the outstanding wall art remains. It was always so crowded with cars when I'd drive by I could never get a clear shot of the huge and colorful exploding wall art.


  1. This is one mural that I really like. The color is outstanding and the "cracks" in the wall provide immense interest. Maybe they were caused by drivers not paying attention to the road due to the fact they were trying to figure out if the cracks were real or not.

    That would sure crack me up!

  2. So man started out in a cave and now is going back to one?

  3. I definitely like this mural better than the one on Coco's. My husband prefers man caves too, rather than sitting in a salon with yapping women. ;)

    And Pelican sandwiches? No, thank you.

  4. Love wall murals; like to see some of the coloured area on the right of the shot as well.