Sunday, October 3, 2010

Monster Fireman Ain't Scary

We bought our son this "adorable and lovable" blue monster in 1985. Even with the big teeth and green, pickle-looking nose, we assured our son that Monster would be his best friend forever (BFF) and protect him (and his toys) against all comers. And, it worked. Now with our "little boy" long out of the house, and an architect at that, we've finally found the perfect new home for his friend, Monster. Can you believe he's been waiting a quarter of a century for a new place to play?? Our grandson plopped his fireman's hat on him today and took him home. I told our grandson that he's now well protected from other monsters and that his toys would be guarded extremely well. Last I looked, Monster was driving away from the house, cozy against the car seat, fireman's hat firmly in place on his blue and red hair. I think he was grinning but with those teeth it's hard to tell.


  1. A spitting image of my 6th grade teacher.

  2. That's about as cute as it gets. And a great story. A family "heirloom" handed down to a new generation! Fantastic!

  3. How cute Frank. Grandsons are the best!