Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tornado and Hurricane Weather Updates

This is what regular television looks like when the National Weather Service and local stations break in (to the Spanish Grand Prix auto race) with storm warnings and a Tornado Warning for our area. I'm inside to stay dry and relax while the soon-to-be Hurricane Debby builds in strength west of us in the Gulf of Mexico. Local television stations make sure we pay special attention by commandeering our TV set and beeping and blaring warnings. (The red, orange and yellow areas on the map indicate different levels of rain intensity - it's a very wet mess right now.)


  1. Watched the GP, great race with a lot of incidents; have fun with the weather.
    And we lost the football to Italy- damn.

  2. The race was great. Beautiful course. Love the boats. Sorry about your game. Can't blame it on a hurricane. :)

  3. Yah, we're getting battered up here! Looks like no golf for several days. Hopefully, it will clear out by the end of the week and we do need the rain!