Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Bear of a Pilgrim

This really is a giant fake bear dressed as a Thanksgiving Pilgrim. I can't explain why he's barefoot but it could be he's trying to make the Native-Americans feel more comfortable around him. (This is a good story behind Mr. Bear but it doesn't have anything to do with Thanksgiving.)


  1. I think someone got confused about too many different things; how many bears do you get in Tampa and I tend to associate Pilgrims with the old 13 colonies; maybe because I'm a Brit.

  2. @ John - You're right that the Pilgrims colonized Massachusetts, one of our original 13 colonies, but the Thanksgiving "story" is taught to every child from birth, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It is very American and each year, in thousands of elementary schools in all 50 states, boys and girls dress up and reenact the Thanksgiving dinner.

    Yes, Florida does have a few bears but we are MUCH better known for our alligators.

  3. Maybe he's trying to emulate John Wayne and got his message and clothing mixed up. You know, "How 'ya doin' pilgrim?"