Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kissing Salt & Pepper Fish?

I couldn't make this up. These salt and pepper shakers, resembling kissing fish, stared at me throughout my Thanksgiving dinner today. I have two comments: (1) the pepper worked great (I don't use salt); (2) and the king's crown is a nice touch.

I bet NO one else shared their Thanksgiving meal with such artfully crafted companions.


  1. You should have told them to get a room!

  2. Hope you had a good lunch; I'll pass on the shakers.

  3. I think that's a queen wearing the crown, just look at the eyes! Ha-ha!
    Sunny :)

  4. Now wait a minute! Your Peke told me that you can use rather salty language at times. But, can one believe a Peke?

    That's probably the weirdest pair of salt and pepper shakers I've ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing! ;-))