Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Platt Street Bridge is well adorned

Drivers quickly passing over the one-way Platt Street Bridge over the Hillsborough River to downtown would never guess what fine and interesting artwork lies just beneath them. No, I'm not suggesting they slow to take a better look. The many visiting college rowing crews leave their mark on bridges, such as this one built in 1926, and on the seawalls that line the riverfront. It's part of a long tradition they continue as a fun and colorful way to proclaim to all that they were here. May the athletes and their creative endeavors long endure.


  1. Funny, if it's college rowing crews who do this it's OK, sporting spirit etc, if it's young unemployed people it's vandalism. Personally, I like it, but then I also enjoy graffiti. In Oxford and Cambridge the crews don't do this on our old bridges, but you should see the inside of some of the pubs!

  2. I don't know, Frank. It's still messing up public property. It is colorful, though.