Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So-o-o inviting my wife could move right in and call it home

Even driving by in the late evening we find Wiliams-Sonoma (visit them online HERE) to be such a warm and welcoming place to visit and shop. No matter the season, or cooking experience level, they have a huge selection, love to help and have such great gifts...Valentine's Day? Perfect. There has got to be a chocolate cake in there somewhere.


  1. Something about kitchen shops and women; am I being sexist? When we lived in California we went in these a few times. As I remember they were always putting scented stuff in the air conditioning so that you needed to sneeze.

  2. Definitely, the first place I will head after winning the lottery.

  3. Seems to me you've praised Sonoma-Williams before...it is a very nice store, but a bit pricey...

    Nice warm shot, though.