Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boiled Peanuts and Kettle Corn: Yum!

NOTE Friends: I have been without Internet, television and telephone (via Verizon FIOS) since last Saturday morning. After TWO in-home visits by service reps - Brian Tackitt, a Fiber Network Field Technician - and our Peke did not bite him - is my new best friend), one brand new router (two days to deliver), 2 1/2 hours on my Blackberry cell with repair, I am BACK and could not be happier!!!!!! I feel like a big part of my life stopped at a fiber-optic cable buried in my front lawn. Past that cable that is supposedly connected (!) to my home, we had NO service.

Last Saturday was Tampa's Gasparilla Children's Parade and it was so much fun watching all the parade goers, vendors and vehicle traffic lost in the streets of South Tampa and Hyde Park.

This street vendor was on South Rome Avenue, about three blocks from Bayshore Boulevard, ground zero for Saturday's parade.


  1. Well, hell, I wondered what happened to you. I'm glad it was something as mundane as Internet trouble, although these days that is major! I go nuts if I lose the Internet! Don't care much about TV or cell phone...

    Welcome back!

    And I do love kettle corn!

  2. I'll take some boiled peanuts!

  3. I loves me some boiled peanuts. Yum. I make them occasionally. Hope you got some.
    I can't believe what Gasparilla Day has morphed into over the years there. We each year when I was a child.