Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend Reflections #15: Christmas Lights on boats, too

Even the boats in Tampa sport colorful Christmas lights. Check out great WEEKEND REFLECTIONS HERE. James is making this possible through his blog, Newtown Daily Photo. You must see his street scene in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is one of the world's great cities and the American jazz, shops filled with handcarved marionettes and terrific food and coffee make it a must visit. James' shot captures this s old city really well.


  1. You light up my life! Nice going, Frank. Have you ever seen an Xmas boat parade...we used to go to the one in Fort Lauderdale. Quite an experience.

    Hope you're doing well and that your New Year is starting off great!

  2. @ Jacob - SO good to read your comment. They tried to have their regular lighted boat parades here but weather kept canceling the. They are a sight!! The New Year is here but construction work continues on our this rate anything "historic" about the structure will have been removed by the time they finish. LOL!!!!!

    I sincerely hope you two are warm and happy in your new place.