Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Giant Rolls of Plastic

I did not post yesterday. It nearly killed me to miss connecting with my online world and friends. (I explained the problem over at tampa daily Photo, too.) It was the first time I was unable to use my computer to get online and it all happened unexpectedly. I have made slight references to some major work we discovered had to be done to our 80 year-old "historic" home. Tell-tale signs that something was occurring to the structure old the old, wood-frame house became very apparent in early November. Following meetings and inspections with contractors and an engineer, it was determined that immediate repair had to begin that has involved what amounts to one half of our exterior walls. Of course that led to interior walls and ceilings...and electrical. Yesterday, the incoming Verizon Fios line was disconnected. Not knowingly, carpenters shut down our telephone, television and Internet. (Good thing we have BlackBerry and cell phones although trying to reach emergency repair for Verizon via the Internet is a frustrating experience.) Suffice it to say, they came at 8:00 am this morning and moved our inside Verizon service box and rewired it. I am up online again and the TV is back on.

The photo I posted is of a few pieces of furniture that will remain in two rooms while work continues. One big world of plastic and DUST!!!

I have exhaustively recorded the construction work that has now reached 5 weeks. After today, I will not post another of our "Money Pit" project. I promise!


  1. How hooked we all get to our gadgets and gizmos.

  2. Frank, all I can say is it would have killed a lesser man. I don't know if I could survive that.

  3. @ B Squared - Oh, we ARE supposed to survive this?? I'll tell my sweetheart and the Pekingese that there is probably light at the end of the tunnel. YOU said so.

  4. Orange you glad your internet works again?

    Love the wall color choice!

    The Blue Ridge Gal