Friday, January 1, 2010

Outback Bowl: Celebrate New Year's Day in Tampa

You're looking into the snarling, dagger-bearing skull that graces the bow of the full-size pirate ship that sits in the north end of Raymond James Stadium at Tampa Bay Buccaneers games its cannons fire and it's filled with rowdy swashbuckling souls having a great time. A Tampa tradition for New Year's Day is to celebrate the Outback Bowl played at the Stadium. (The Outback chain of restaurants was founded in Tampa.) This year's teams were the Northwestern University Wildcats versus the Auburn University Tigers. The Outback Bowl is a college football game matching teams from the SEC and Big Ten Conference (3rd pick from each). At the 11:00 am kickoff it was gray and cloudy with intermittent rain showers. Luckily we had passes to a warm and cozy luxury suite so our accommodations, food and drink were excellent. This winter weather is ushering in a cold front that's moving into the Tampa Bay area this evening. Tomorrow's high is forecast to be 58 degrees and a low of 37. Knowing how bone-chilling cold some parts of the US are right now, we folks in Tampa will live through it. The Northwestern fans like this fellow celebrated with tailgate parties, plenty of suds, food and a bit of creative, body-painting flair. Plus, the Auburn tiger was not being treated too respectively at the end of the chain. Auburn won a pretty good game , 38 to 35.


  1. It's all so "Disneyesque"! And football fans are a little nuts. But I'd assume that you had a terrific time!

    Thanks, Frank, for your kind comments! They meant a lot. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and want to wish you the very best in the coming year. We will look forward to more of your splendid photography showing off your beautiful city!

    We're pretty well settled, but still working at the old house, I'll be posting off and on for awhile until I can get back to full-time. Sure have missed all my friends at CDP!

  2. Wow that is one scary looking football guy! Bowl games can be a lot of fun. I went to the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl when my daughter was in the FSU band. This one looks like it was fun too! We are supposed to get some temps down in the low twenties tomorrow and Monday. Thankfully those really cold mornings don't come too often around here!

  3. Sounds like a fun day to begin the new year! That snarling skull would make for a great battering ram too. Though I can't really think of anything that I need to batter down. I'm just tickled by the idea.