Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anime Animated Characters Come To Life at Tampa's METROCON Convention

Yesterday I discovered the wild and wacky METROCON Anime Convention that was held for three days at the Tampa Convention Center. A more detailed account of my "visit" to the convention to try and capture some of the promised costumed convention-goers is at yesterday's Tampa Daily Photo and yesterday's post here. Needless to say, I could not let the convention close without one more, relatively tame, photograph. These are two Anime characters that looks to me to be Goths...the subculture found in many countries. There must be an Anime character that's into the Goth music, aesthetics, and dress code of black, black and more black, which these two are representing extremely well on a scorching hot street corner in downtown Tampa. Her parasol is dead-on perfect for the 110-degree feels-like temperature we are experiencing this afternoon. It was fun getting just a taste of an entirely new and interesting segment of our world that I knew nothing about. It was fun and made finding subjects for the camera a real snap. The toughest job was keeping the shots clean, wholesome and marginally sane to these eyes. These cartoon characters are very, very real (in the minds of their most devoted followers, the otaku.) Check back in a year to see my continuing reports on Anime conventions. I will be there on your behalf. Count on it.


  1. I adore her parasol!

    Glad to know you'll be at the convention again next year. Your photos were fun!

  2. I must be getting old, I don't get Goth at all.