Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Standing watch for his Juliet: He's way too cool and thinks he's on a Venetian balcony so save him from his shattered dreams of love.

I can't stand guys like this. Thinking they're so superior and above us all. And there is a entire group of these pathetic creatures. Oddly stiff and uncommunicative souls, I seem to find them in unexpected places or perhaps they're following me around to get some camera face-time. Whatever the excuse, it's creeping me out. Whatever their story, they never cease to amaze me with their strangely imaginative clothing with unintelligible sayings and vain, look-at-me posing. Lighten up guy. Definitely got to get a life. [I've met others like you in this very same condition: the steamy hot afternoon couple and a man and a woman getting set to hit the night spots in SoHo.] It's time to come down off your balcony and move on. Your Juliet is in a new place in her life and left you and your Ybor City, or is it South Beach, clothing choices way behind. And that hat isn't doing it for you either. As you continue to gaze off into eternal and empty-headed space, just know that you can still grow from this experience. A whole world exists after living every minute on a wildly decorated balcony. Have you noticed there is neither a window or door out to you, nor a ladder down. (When that sinks in your cool demeanor will certainly get icier and more indifferent.) Find him before it's too late. His Juliet gave up. Help him please to see how inhuman he really is.


  1. Okay, truth time: How long did it take you to set this up?

    Brilliant job!

    Funny commentary.

  2. Reminds me of the Van Halen song, JUMP!