Thursday, June 25, 2009

Delightfully small flower shop: Size doesn't diminish the sweet fragrance

There cannot be a smaller flower shop in the entire bay area, or one on a busier street. But size doesn't matter when the shop looks this colorful and inviting. The Bay Bouquet Floral Studio is on Platt, one of our one-way streets heading into the downtown. My recollection from when I was very little and my grandparents lived at the end of Hyde Park Avenue is that this was once a farm dairy store carrying fresh milk, cream and eggs. As I picture going in, I think they had loaves of white bread, too...funny what the mind does when you try to bring back old memories. The florist shop is easy to miss as you speed by, but if you slow, it is the sweetest and most welcoming little shop you'll ever find. It claims it produces "Custom designs with panache." I believe it.


  1. Hi Frank !! This flower shop is so beautiful !! Simply lovely and great post as usual !!Unseen Rajasthan

  2. Cute! I think we have the exact same building here. There are a few of these tiny shops. It must be a southern design. Some are barbershops, flower shops and there was a hat shop.