Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a suntanned, silver-haired guy, a rowboat and two Florida pelicans. I know there's a bigger story here somewhere

It's late afternoon and the nearest boat slip for launching into Tampa Bay is quiet. Just a couple of guys donning life jackets and putting their "personal watercraft" into the water and a man hauling his sailboat up onto its trailer. And this man. As I watched him he seemed to be talking with the two jet sky guys and gesturing about something. But, otherwise, he seemed to be sitting in bottom of this small fiberglass boat, the oars behind him, tied up at the dock. Did he notice the two Florida pelicans creeping up closer to him and eyeing him hungrily. I don't think so. Would he care? Probably not. I wondered what he was up to. He might have been coming in from a long, invigorating row out on the bay, or was pushing off to get a bit of exercise. Logical questions, but I'll never know for certain. (I didn't want to mess with a serious old salt on his boat.)


  1. One nice thing is that I've never heard of a pelican hurting anyone...of course, you don't want to stand too close with a fish in your hand!

    Great shot. I think there are several stories possible here. Did you check the bottom of his boat for beer? Maybe his wife thinks he's at the office? Maybe that's not even his boat?

    I'll give you ideas, you write the screenplay...OK?

  2. Ok, it Tracy. Hepburn tossed him from their rendezvous hideout and he's rowed all day and night from Key West where he was menaced by a small, that’s it, from Malta I think would work. He’d asked an old bearded writer to leave his cats ad typewriter and come along but was driven off by his hunting rifle....maybe there is a good story there. The truth is probably closer to there's an empty fifth sloshing around in the bottom of the boat.

  3. Great photo - the colors and the characters. And the story to accompany it has such intrigue!

  4. He's sure having fun! Or may be he got bored and is trying to talk to the birds!!..