Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Like New Dock Available. Sunken Ships Need Not Apply.

I don't mean to make light of this situation. No matter what happened, or even the true boater's tale, it must be terribly upsetting to someone. Somewhere. Whoever last registered this Chris-Craft must have had a rude awakening when he grabbed his gear and headed over to the dock to take the old gal out for a leisurely cruise up and down the lazy river. I'm guessing that this boat, before it took on a bit of water, was a 56-foot Chris Craft made sometime in the 1960s. It could be a Sportfisherman, I'm not the yacht expert in my family. It's a guess though, based on Boats for Sale online, of which there are a large, very large number on the market. This boat won't ever enjoy another day under power carrying a party of funseekers, cool, refreshing drinks in hand, baking in the Florida sun. If the story had gone differently for the once proud boat, she would have made it to the new dock in the foreground and lived to enjoy a longer life on top of the water. Even boats have a day when they can't hardly keep their "head" above water.

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  1. Two sad to see a great boat like that just sink there and sit for months on end. The other is...yay! Rick's put in a new dock, lol!

    I'm really enjoying your writing as much as your photography.