Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cigars and Long Ashes: Smoking a Cienfuego and loving it

Finally, in the second week of September, the evening air was a bit cooler, a little, although the temp was still about 82. As soon as Mrs. Tampa DP drove off for an hour or so, I sat out in my favorite rocker and smoked a very pleasant cigar, a special gift from Francisco IV, direct last night from a quick wedding fling in Honduras. (I never turn down free cigars imported directly for me and I couldn't wait to light one up! - I know it's a tobacco product but to some folks the aroma from cigar smoke is nirvana.) This cigar maker, Puros Indios Cigar Co., of Danli, Honduras, makes a line of full-bodied cigars called Cienfuegos (which translates to 100 fires). The Cienfuego combines Dominican filler tobacco and a Nicaraguan binder with a four-year-old Habana 2000 wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador. A real recipe that delivers. This stick was handrolled and had a smooth, even draw...a perfect smoke and good taste to match tonight's tinge of autumn in the air. A glass of wine completed the picture. A delicious smoke and I am most grateful.


  1. Fantastico!! Glad to see you enjoyed it Pops.

  2. That's funny that you waited for Mrs. Tampa DP to drive off! My ex-husband was a cigar smoker and he used to do the same thing. I always liked the aroma of the cigars before they were lit, especially in the cigar store.

  3. I could go for that! A special smoke!