Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who wants to slide?

This huge inflatable wet and dry double slide is set up in the front yard of a home at a busy South Tampa intersection. As thousands of cars whizz by, kids will be going up and down celebrating at what appears to be a birthday party. The idea is terrific as our high temperature again reached the low-90s and the water slide will be super refreshing and fun. I just thought it looked out of place just 10-12 feet for the roadway. ( I know, I'm a killjoy.) I sure hope they have some way to keep the wet and slippery little boys and girls from sliding out and under the cars rushing by. Aside from the safety issue, which they've probably already thought of, I think the whole watery contraption looks rather alien and truly hilarious where and how it's set up. Out of place? A bit over the top? Hey, who am I to question them and throw cold water on the kids' fun. (I was thinking of parking my car in the intersection at a red light and taking a quick plunge and then slipping back behind the wheel before the light changes.)


  1. Me!
    But not into the street…

  2. It does seem rather dangerous to have excited kids so close to the road. Hey, maybe it's for grown-ups, go on Frank, have a go.

  3. Is that a little bucket to catch kids. I appears they come down the slide and then at the end go back up a bit and get tossed into the air...maybe they're supposed to land in that bucket or whatever it is.

    I agree, it's nuts to have this next to a busy roadway...