Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tampa's sunset and reflections on the day

There are some days that seem to begin when the sun begins to set. The evening is quieter, the air more still, and the noises of traffic, humans and even pets can't be heard. It's a time for relaxing and reflection. Staring into water, watching the shadows grow longer and the reflections reach deeper and richer in color, it's possible to imagine that all is at peace and as the darkness closes in, the day finally closes into night. Sweet dreams all, everywhere. Tomorrow promises to be a glorious new day.


  1. A glorious new day, indeed. Have a nice holiday!

  2. Actually makes me think of the boat dock in the Lee Burke Robicheaux novels.

  3. Another absolutely gorgeous shot, Frank. Those sunlit reflections are stunning set against the various silhouettes!