Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great White Egret was shopping for a frog appetizer

This Great White Egret was slowly moving away from me and toward a very attractive pond located behind the Ocean Prime restaurant and the Crate & Barrel store. Both are located just at the Westshore entrance to Tampa’s International Plaza. Ocean Prime has a particularly good menu, and very cool atmosphere inside and out; it certainly would serve a few delicacies that the Egret would enjoy. But, it’s more likely he was hoping for a small frog hiding in the tall grass at the water’s edge. From his height, and with his slow, silent and deliberative movements, I bet he spots his dinner before it spots him. He uses his bill to spear his prey…yummy. This is an exquisite bird, very graceful and proud; he owns any habitat he may find himself in, even if it’s behind retail establishments and beside a manmade pond. (The landscaping could not look more natural to Florida, with tall sea grasses, lily pads and palms of every kind.) The Egret was very much at home here.


  1. They are such elegant birds; but with no sense of 'menu'.

  2. A beautiful picture of a magnificent bird!

  3. This is one of the best egret shots I've seen. I find them hard to capture, unless with a long lens...they are beautiful!

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  5. @Cezar and Leia: Thank you so much for the info. I will definitely visit and learn more about it. Luxembourg is so fascinating (as is Brazil!!)