Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cocktails on the aft deck?

Imagine enjoying a cool refreshment with a significant other on the aft deck of your sailboat as the shadows grow long and the sun begins to set. That that sound like a little bit of heaven. It's been a long day and look at this scene. What could be more romantic? (What do you mean you can't swim and are deathly afraid of the water? No, those are not sharks waiting for you to dangle your toes over the side.Those are just mermaids, I mean manatees moving up the channel. And they do not bite!) If you get the urge before it's too dark we could always go out again on the wave runner. Ok. OK! We stay right here. Hey, I know. Want to watch the movie Jaws on the big screen down below?


  1. Being on a sailboat and thinking about Jaws? Wouldn't want to spoil the initially mentioned romantic thought for sure! It sure would be lovely to spend time watching the sun go down.....

    I've posted a new picture of which I can't figure out the title... thought you may be I should take help of my friends... do check it out... - Pixellicious Photos

  2. Cocktails on board sounds good to me