Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get Dog Treats at Bahama's

This is a very pleasant shopping and dining destination in South Tampa, but the reason the retailer Tommy Bahama is on my route is because they have the biggest water bowl for dogs and excellent, dare i say, delicious dog treats. I know our dog knows which store is which because there is one store, which very kindly puts our big bowls of special dog biscuits, where he just won't eat. Passes it by with a sniff. I think it's because they switched to some healthy, organic dog biscuit. Organic. For dogs. (I don't blame him even though I don't fault anyone for a healthy diet. But, it's a DOG. And he likes the old-fashioned, high-whatever junk food treats. And he knows his buddies at the store that sells silk shirts, watches, great cigar boxes and smells like coconuts, is where he gets his fix. It's Tommy Bahama. And, while I am extolling the virtues of Tommy's dog treats - thank you very much - if you have never eaten at a Tommy Bahama restaurant, you must go. MUST! Tommy Bahama Tropical Cafes are in 7 states, including four in Florida, and even two in Hawaii. It is a guaranteed sure-fire dining (home brewed beer) experience. I know folks who go just for the crab bisque and Key Lime martinis. Regularly. Indescribably delicious dog treats, too.


  1. Guess I'll just have to wait till he opens a restaurant near Reading (UK) to check out the food; I'll take your word for the dog biscuits.

  2. I agree with your dog! They call them treats for a reason.

  3. I thought Tommy Bahama was a retailer of restaurants and doggie treats! Sheesh, pretty soon they'll be selling groceries...

    I haven't seen one in Ocala, so now you've given me one more reason to visit Tampa (that list is getting rather long, Frank!)