Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't mess with the big white bird

The beach was so warm and relaxing this afternoon and there were several birds along the shore. Our Pekingese likes the sand as long as he doesn't get too dirty...he is NOT a waterdog that leaps into the waves or a rough and tumble farm-yard dog who might chase the cows or horses. Nope. He kind of prefers the lazy approach to life and his energy level and snippy disposition seems about right. Even though he is a Florida native, he's not fond of the sand (or grass for that matter) but will sniff around for something new and interesting. A bird? A big white bird? Just sitting there? (Not to worry. They are almost the same size and Porter doesn't have a beak or claws. It wouldn't even be a fair fight because Porter doesn't fly very well.)

No, Porter did not have fresh white bird meat in his bowl of kibbles. There isn't even the slightest chance he could catch this fine bird. But, the thought still crossed his mind. Look at his huge eyes, steely gaze and determined set to his jaw. He is on the hunt!


  1. I have two at home that are similar to him;no chameleon is safe around them.

  2. Porter is adorable and I think he only wants to play with that "different"friend! :)
    Brilliant words and pictures!

  3. This photo is perfection, Frank! A superb portrait!

    And Porter - well, what a cutie. But, ah, a hunter? I think not. It's a doggie dream.

  4. I am so pleased to see Porter, he's great. I bet he dreamt about catching the big white bird. I sometimes wish my two papillons didn't like mud, water or fields, but they do and as a result are often muddy and wet. Still they are happy. Your photo of the big white bird is lovely, the colours wonderful. Please can we see more of Porter in the future.

  5. Both photos are great Frank. Good to see Dr. Porter. I still have not figured out how to make my photos large. I have a question. Why do you have Tampa Florida Photo and Tampa Daily Photo? I can't keep up with one Journal, let alone two.

  6. That is a gorgeous picture of Porter....frame worthy.

    Thanks for the link to the Toy Camera blog. He paid a visit to Charleston and covered some familiar territory.