Saturday, December 12, 2009

Matt Larson: Professional Photographer Plays With Toy Cameras

My photo above is of copyrighted work (c) 2009 Matt Larson

Tonight we went to a really fun holiday open house party hosted by good friends who are both extremely talented artists. Matt is the hard-working photographer and career marketing guru while his wife, Rebecca Sexton Larson - Becky - is the accomplished studio artist and museum professional. I wrote about our terrific time tonight at Tampa Daily Photo HERE where I featured Becky's work and bio. The party was a lot of fun. Good food, delicious bourbon egg-nog and terribly interesting people. Nothing is more fun than to be invited to a party. Our hosts threw open their home, every nook and cranny, to show off their work and invite guests to make a purchase...and that is not hard to do. Look at my shot of just the beautifully framed photos spread out under their tree. Every room and surface was displaying their framed and oversized, unframed pieces. Just begging to go home with you. It's very tempting and impossible to resist if you love and collect photography. Matt has enjoyed a long career working with "grown-up" Nikons and other heavy and expensive pro equipment. While he still uses the mega-bodies and bags of lens in his work, he plays a lot with every kind of toy camera made in the world - with fascinating and astonishing results. The shot above is taken with his Apple I-Phone;
one of these brand new images was sold this evening.
Here is an excerpt from Matt's online bio: "A professional newspaper marketing photographer working with toy cameras of all types (Holga, Diana, Polaroid, iPhone, Argus Bean, etc.). Why you ask? Why not. Matt was given a professional Nikon camera and darkroom outfit before he reached age 10. Both his father and bother were avid photographers. He attended the University of South Florida and obtained a B.A. degree in photojournalism. Many years later, he completed his MBA degree at Saint Leo University. Larson admits that his discovery of plastic toy cameras reignited his love for photography and has brought him back to those early years of just having fun playing around in the darkroom and making art."
Visit Matt's blog, ToyCameraPlay, HERE.
Thanks Larsons for a fun and memorable evening. We will be back next year!


  1. Thank you! Frank we always enjoy your company and your blog and don't need a party to get together, but it is fun when we do. Your kind words are much appreciated.

  2. You know, Frank, I think I would have enjoyed being at this party a lot! What great fun. Thanks for sharing!