Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Toy for Christmas

No, not the fine sailboat but the camera I shot it with. This scene is of boats at the docks of the Marjorie Yacht Basin on the east channel of Davis Islands.

NOTE: My son gave me a Nikon D80 camera body for Christmas. (He's a generous young fellow!!) I took a couple of days to try, try to gain some familiarity with its digital operation and features. I am excited that the Nikkor lenses that I have had for 30-40 years DO work with this new body. (I have not shot film through the F2 or other misc. Nikons in close to ten years.) It's great they fit and they feel like old friends as I mounted them to the D80 to go out shooting today. BUT, they are not auto in any way so this first effort is not to my crisp standards. I'm learning and will get better.

[This particular shot was taken with the Nikon D80 and Nikkor 105mm, at f22.]


  1. Pretty, nice and WARM!
    That IS the place to be ....

  2. Nice to see the old lenses getting a reprieve; think some film should go through the old F2 though!