Sunday, December 20, 2009

Girly Bowling

This giant wall-size mural outside Splitsville in Channelside represent girl bowling at its best. Depending on how you look at it, and your seat at the lane, this bowling technique, refined over the years by girls and women of every age, makes every man feel superior...and more and more in love with the opposite sex. You go girls. Throw that ball however it suits you. We love you even more for your ball handling skills. (Notice that on these near-freezing nights in Tampa - when it threatens to drop into the 40s - establishments provide these effective gas heating units as you can see in the bottom right.)


  1. This one could get you in trouble with the opposite sex, Frank! Girly bowling! Heh, Heh! It's not so funny when a girly bowler beats the pants off you, though!

  2. Great shot, but as Jacob says, in today's world it could get you into trouble; sad old world.

  3. The only problem with this approach is you can't put spin on the ball. However, the rest is pure perfection.

  4. Hello dear Frank!
    hmmm unfortunately I do not know this game, but it looks easy for a girl ( LOL ) and I would love to try! Little Luna is here by my side and she agrees!:)
    And I'm also enchanted by the previous post about THAT DELICIOUS cookie! Yummy!
    Thanks a lot for your always kind words, you are a gentleman! :)
    purrs and love
    little Luna ( We love Luna ) and mommy Léia