Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Guy's Got to Dry His Feathers

Gray and "wintry" overcast skies are Tampa's norm for the past couple days so it's tough finding even a tiny bit of sun and shadow to help enhance an image. I went back to a series of images from a perfectly hot late summer day and pulled out a bird I found sunning himself and drying his feathers. Tomorrow, I will go out again, with renewed energy and determination, and find something bright, shiny and warm. Hey, it is Tampa. How long can the sky look like it could snow?


  1. I'm starting to wonder about the lack of sun, myself. We've had record heat but not a lot of sun. Very strange.

  2. I'm glad you pulled this one out Frank, because I love it!

  3. What a terrific shot. I've never been able to get one this good. A scraggly character...wonder if it will look better dried?

    Yeah, dreary gray skies and quite cold here, too! But wait a couple of minutes, it will get better. (Well, maybe a couple of days!)