Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Graces tightly wrapped in blue

These three maidens are almost ready for their big unveiling in Tampa's new Bern's Park on South Howard Avenue. The park is named in memory of Bern Laxer, founder of world-famous Bern's Steak House (click HERE). Laxer, who died in 2004, founded his restaurant in 1956 and carefully guided it to near perfection. Renowned for its incredible steaks and organic vegetables from Bern's own gardens, it boasts the largest wine selection of any restaurant in the world. (I will be sure and capture the statues after they are revealed.)


  1. Absolutely the best Bannana's Foster I ever hard was at Bern's. Darn good food, also. Still one of my most favorite restaurants!

  2. They look a little scary all wrapped up like that!

  3. I didn't know this ... I'll have to swing by and see it. Your blog is like scanning the newspaper looking for little interesting happening. Having a good time tonight thanks to you! Thanks.