Friday, December 18, 2009

Hisbiscus and Bromeliad tree at Tommy Bahama

Walking past this window in Hyde Park Village, notice the tropical theme and absence of parkas, mittens, wool scarfs and ice scrapers. Although I love looking at snow-covered blogs, this is more my idea of the perfect winter holiday season. (I admit that I did have a light jacket on because of a mist in the air.) I've done my share of shoveling driveways and trying to get cars to start in below freezing weather. Humbug.

Take note that there are dozens of things in this Tommy Bahama window that would make lots of big boys and girls happy this Christmas. The oversize cigar ashtray is just one attractive looking item that caught my eye. Just thought I'd mention it (in case Santa reads my blog!)


  1. Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. It is really exciting to start a business. It fills me with a lot of energy!

    I see that the Christmas season is also kicking in at your blog! Regards from Marcel

  2. Wrong togs for the UK at the moment

  3. Sure is different from the store windows up here!

  4. Great feast of colors in this picture. I enjoy going to Tommy B. occasionally. I haven't looked in our windows here. Anyway, I'm heading over to enjoy some Tampa Bay weather. Will be there soon.
    Merry Christmas,

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  6. Our store windows are sporting parkas, Sorel boots and red union suits! Brrrr!
    Hope Santa reads your blog!
    Happy Holidays.
    Sunny :)

  7. I do like Christmas in Florida than Christmas in some other places. Nice post, Frank. And I do hope, for your sake, that you have been good enough so that Santa might take it upon himself to read your blog!

    I'll mention it to him the next I see him, just in case!