Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed (or is it a Sea Gull?)

I like the way some folks welcome visitors at their front door. A "WELCOME" sign, a few broken plant pots, a not-so-well positioned outdoor light, another sign that reads, "Never Enough Thyme," and a bird of indeterminate origin or species. My guess is it's an eagle, but it could just as easily be a sea gull (this is Florida, remember.) Off to the right is what appears to be a small castle, probably a reference to Every man's home is his castle." This dear home is not to be confused with the home sweet bachelor's pad I posted today at Tampa Daily Photo HERE. One man's 500 square foot castle is another man's 500 square foot clothes closet. The Florida sun shines down equally on both.


  1. Hi Frank, interesting post of yesterday, the Diary Joy icecream booth. It indeed looks 1950's. I think I will not be tempted to buy icecream there, I prefere an Italian iff I eat ice cream. Cheers from Marcel

  2. I like this photo, the more you look at it the more you find. I agree, I think the bird is an eagle.