Monday, August 17, 2009

Noises In Your Attic?

This is a real billboard on Interstate 275 North in Tampa. Who could pass this and not notice? With all of Florida's outdoor signage for Busch Gardens' African Safari, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Lowry Park Zoo, this billboard is simply brilliant and fits in extremely well. It's a natural. Now, its message begs the question, does a company really need to spend thousands of dollars each month for a great outdoor media location to advertise its animal riddance services? I know Florida is filled with wild animals (even I and some of my blog followers may fall into that category) but I didn't realize we were that desperate to remove bats, raccoons and rats from our homes. They are such nice, cute and cuddly little creatures. Now, back to a serious note, the artwork and message are fantastic. Gotta run though. My raccoon and bats need supper.


  1. I'm with you. Feed the animals - don't kill them.

  2. I raccon you're kind of batty, Frank. Do you have raccons in Tampa? We've seen none here and we live in a woodsy area...makes no sense to me. I've had a rat in my garage which died and smelled pretty bad, and a dead bird and we have lots of snakes running around the yard...oh, and squirrels.

    But bats in the belfry are another thing altogether. And I'd call these people quickly if I heard scratching overhead.

    Sort of an animal "ghostbusters" deal, I think.

  3. Can't believe I found this post.....we have been hearing some animal run across our roof and last night found out there is a raccoon living in our attic because my husband saw him run across and into a hole we didn't know was there under an eave. Guess we'll have to call someone to remove it without any harm to the animal. Had the same problem in Colorado and they removed them with chloroform and took them to the woods and released them.