Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home of the famous MINI...Just Over A Footlong

This is actually trome l'oeil at its best. If you love wall murals and photorealistic paintings, you have to then really appreciate this MINI in its garage.You would be hard pressed to make out what is real and what is totally faux and handpainted on the side of this car stereo and home theater store. It sits at one of Tampa's busiest intersections, a block off Interstate 275 at Dale Mabry Highway. My guess is most people in their cars, in a hurry, have never noticed it. Even if they have glanced over, they probably don't appreciate the great talent that it took to create such realism. Of course, the giant billboard looming above the store, and the threatening clouds encircling overhead - which are part of a strange tropical storm which formed overnight offshore in the Gulf of Mexico - are very real; you probably figured that out all on your own. The artist, who has done work all over the Tampa Bay area, on the inside and outside of homes and businesses, is Dr. Doodle. Go to his website, HERE, to see his amazing work.


  1. That is quite good! Great perspective.

    Good luck with the storm...I think we'll get hit with some of the outer bands is all. And it's not that strong a storm - but it sure is big. You probably don't need any more rain, though!

    We're gonna wait for Bill. He sounds like trouble!

  2. Wonderful! I love these. Wish there were more of them.

  3. I love this! I drive past this wall mural nearly every day. (: