Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Vente Starbucks in almost every language

Yes, this was my afternoon. I met a friend for coffee and got my usual Vente size dark and bold brew. Verona is my favorite bean by Pikes Place and some others are OK, too. Starbucks is the place I learned to like raw sugar and it's hard to go back to little white packets. As I have written in earlier posts, I have enjoyed a Vente in some incredible cities in the U.S. and in many other countries. It isn't everyone's cup-of-tea, I know, but to me it's comforting. I recommend their stores in Santa Fe, Newport, RI, Vienna, Paris, and Prague. Don't misunderstand, I do enjoy the foods and coffee in the other countries, and their pastries, chocolate creations, etc., etc. Starbucks would never, ever keep me from experiencing and enjoying the coffee in foreign lands. One of my favorite memories of what Starbucks has done to me is, we were visiting our son who was studying architecture in Florence. He lived on the Piazzo Pitti across the Ponte Vecchio from school and the Caffè Pitti was right outside his door. I sat down to order a coffee and tried to order something larger than their regular teeny, tiny cup of coffee. Which is very good. To my son's embarrassment, I ended up with a double, double, double size cup that, as he explained in Italian to the waiter, only a crazy American tourist would even think to order. I blame it all on Starbucks and my addiction to my Vente. It is about a gallon and I like it that size. Period. I just hope I can show my face someday at Caffè Pitti without them recognizing me and bursting into laughter.


  1. You're a fun and funny guy, Frank! But frankly, I can't handle Starbucks! Ech!

    Now, did you hear that Starbucks is opening stores under another name...surreptitiously selling their product to the unsuspecting masses?

    What's that all about?

    Thanks for letting me vente!

  2. Starbucks came out of the gate ahead and grew and grew into the biggest of its kind in the world. A HUGE corporation with an incredibly loyal following. But its attempt to be your "third place," after your home and office, stumbled and they are trying a number of ways to regain that allegiance and "community" they enjoyed. I seldom go there now but I am addicted to the bold roast beans and brew it at home. By renaming and reinventing stores they hope to buck the economy and loss of traffic in existing stores. (I'd rather have my vente in Florence or Paree!!)