Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the Onion Rings Dummy

I know that many people, especially the cooks and chefs in the family, would stop at this window of the Williams Sonoma store in Hyde Park to admire or even drool over the All-Clad cookware that's on display. I really can't speak to how well this particular brand cooks over any other, although it's rated very highly, but I can speak for my taste-buds and stomach that the results are excellent, 5-Star even. But that probably has a lot more to do with the person using the pots and pans (thanks honey!!!) and not how sturdy or good-looking they are (when new!) As we all know it is a lot like camera equipment; it's not the $2,500 body, 25 pixels or bag filled with lenses but rather how the human sees what's in front of the camera and when s/he clicks the shutter. Plain and simple. So the gourmet meal cooked in cast iron over a open camp fire can be every bit as good as a fine meal prepared in one of these shiny pans. I've bought a lot of kitchen stuff at Williams Sonoma but thankfully these pots last forever. Buy them and almost never buy one again.(Hooray!) I will continue to buy kitchen mitts and weird what IS this for gadgets but what I really want are the ONION RINGS. I am not proud. I can look past all the window display fluff and the expensive pots and pans and see a huge, 3-foot high mound of incredibly delicious looking, even scrumptious onion rings. And they are a good two foot around. Unbelievable and they'd be mine if it wasn't for the plate glass window between us. Come to papa. ...Excuse me? What do you mean they aren't real? Kill-joy. In that case, can I have the poster?


  1. You're right, it's not the price of the camera (or cook pots) that counts. That's why my recent post is all about the cheap point and shoot Olympus Trip. Having said that, it's nice to use the expensive stuff as well.

  2. Williams-Sonoma is a bit rich for my blood but they do have nice stuff. Re: onion rings - the real ones - I read recently that they are better for you than French fries.

    So...go to it, my friend.

    Disclaimer: I am not speaking of the bloomin' onion at Outback. That's a heart-stopper on a plate!