Friday, August 7, 2009

Trendsetter Babes to Tweens

I don't have any "infants to tweens" in the house that are moving up into the trendsetter category, but I think this children's clothing store does everything right when it comes to visual marketing on their storefront. Giggle Box Couture is the name and they claim to have "The Hippest Clothing in Town." Well, if the outside says anything about what they offer on the inside, it might very well be true. They have a great location in Palma Ceia and, as you can see, they are not shy when it comes to exterior decor. From their name to the colorful striped walls to the fun and well written slogans on signs, they do tell their story loud and clear to everyone who passes by this location. The place grabs your attention. I think they know their customer well, too, when they say, "It's Never Too Early To Be A Trendsetter." Young moms can't help but want that for their kids. (Didn't we all strive at one time or another to lay claim to being a trendsetter?)


  1. In my childhood days cloths were practical and hardwearing. I don't remember being the least interested in fashion until I was about 13, but like you say, the shop is targeting the young Mums and I bet they are very good at it. It's a very colourful shop front.

  2. I love its colorful stripes and drawings!
    But the idea of toddlers and tweens as trendsetters and fashionistas fills me with horror and dismay! What, they'll all grow up into Paris Hiltons? No, thanks. Our world could use fewer of those.

  3. It's quite a striking facade - but kinda sad that little kids and tweens have to worry about being "trendsetters."