Thursday, August 20, 2009

Square One Burgers can't be beat!

Square One Burgers is not your run of the mill, or in any way typical burger joint. Not a chance. In fact, even knowing you’re going in for a really good hamburger doesn’t prepare you for this place at all. It is so welcoming, friendly and comfortable. You might even decide to just sit in the classy bar area as I do rather then at a table. (And that’s unusual for me; I like a comfy booth most everywhere. But not here.) The décor is more upscale and contemporary then you would expect and you won’t find a skimpy menu, peanut shells on the floor or sacks of potatoes piled up for show. This is a serious gourmet burger restaurant that welcomes singles, young professionals and families and won’t disappoint anyone. Just be prepared to be wowed. Bring your imagination, appetite and pickiest taste-buds and put 'em to work. It’s that much fun and delicious. The menu of incredible burgers is mind-blowing. Angus. Kobe. Veggie and Portobello Mushroom. Buffalo. Sashimi Tuna. Crab Cake. Plus kids, big and small, can enjoy an Angus hot dog if for some strange reason they thought they were off to the baseball game and got beaned in the head from a pop fly ball. The big, big decision after choosing which burger is how in the world to make it better. The menu of toppings includes practically anything one can think of. The burger you get is definitely your own original creation. Some hamburger places seem to think that anything out of the bun is of little consequence. Not at Square One. Everything from the menu, including their full bar, drinks, wine and super selection of beers, is great. Plus, the excellent service equals the fabulous and creative menu. You will not be disappointed in deciding to visit Square One. You will become a regular. They are on Henderson Boulevard in South Tampa, just south of Swann Avenue. Do not expect it to be like any other hamburger place you’ve ever known. It’s that good. Check out their menu HERE.


  1. Did you ever write ad copy? Or maybe you have a part of this place? ;-)

    Great description, Frank! Actually, a mouth-watering description. How could anyone go to Tampa and not look it up?

    Nice photo, too!

  2. I'm not big on purely advertising-based posts, but if I do a place like this, you can bet I will be honest and you will not be disappointed. Surprisingly, the owners also own Bella's, which is a long-time Italian fixture on South Howard Avenue across from Bern's Steakhouse. I've been going there 20 years. (But I don't know them. Just the food!!)What I REALLY enjoy is history. Almost as much as eating.

  3. WOW! Sounds Great! It'd be cool if both the kids and the adults could be satisfied. Sounds like they might be.

  4. They stole my idea. Actually, I've said for a long time, " Make a better burger and America will beat a path to your door." I'll try it on my next visit to Tampa;after Bern's of course.