Monday, August 10, 2009

Tampa's SunTrust Tower Sparkles

The 36-story SunTrust Financial Centre Tower, located in the heart of Tampa's downtown business district, features a stair-stepped, lighted ziggurat at the top of it 525 foot height. It proudly shows off its twinkling and dancing lights and colors and looks especially good at sunset. The lights patterns and color combinations can be quickly changed to showcase special dates, events and celebrations.The light show really brightens the night sky and can be seen for miles around. (It's not the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building but it's Tampa's very own.)


  1. You did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of all the buildings, well done...

  2. Every city needs a lighted ziggurat! Great shot, Frank! I wonder what the ziggurat contains...maybe a lunchroom for the honchos?

  3. Jacob: I toured the building before they opened it and built it out. (Big empty building at the time begging for tenants.) The roof is FLAT and the ziggurat is made up of vertical panels that rise up in stair-step fashion to create the effect. At the start the colors were created by placing gels over flat lighting that shone up across the panels. Now it's all LEDs controlled by computer.