Friday, October 30, 2009

Grab the paddle, captain

Of course it's sea-worthy. It also has the requisite, U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets, a paddle and two containers to bail water big one bucket and a small plastic cup for the last few ounces. Why'd you ask? You can swim, can't you?


  1. No captain is gonna grab this paddle except to beat up whoever let this thing go to rot!

    Great study in marine deterioration, though.

    Hey, it's supposed to cool down!

  2. The one next to it looks like it needs a little TLC

  3. You call THIS cool down...I can't believe the heat and humidity as I try to prepare for the little goblins begging for candy this eve.

  4. What a terrific shot, Frank! But I do think I'll wait for the next boat, if that's all right with you! I love it! Fun post and just the giggle I needed for the morning. Wish I could send you some some of our cooler weather! Thanks for stopping by and for your comment, always appreciated!

    Enjoy, just be sure you have a fan -- a big one!


  5. Hahahaa..that is just too funny. I LOVE your eye for detail. (grin)