Saturday, October 31, 2009

That sinking feeling

I hate it when this happens. There's nothing more upsetting and a bit sad then to come upon a sinking and apparently abandoned boat. This sailboat looks seaworthy but has obviously taken on quite a lot of water and is now grounded in the sand and grass along the shore. Is it salvageable? Probably. Does the vessel's owner care? Only time will tell. (Note, that as of this date, the mainsail covers are in place and tight and the ropelines are still coiled on the bow.)

I am pleased to welcome Sylvia, a new follower to Tampa Florida Photo. Sylvia is one of the hosts of That's My World, an every Tuesday meme (along with her co-hosts Klaus, Sandy, Wren, Fishing Guy and Louise.) Visit her blog, Sylvia From Over The Hill, HERE to learn about Seattle, Washington and the incredible beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. Her blog's tagline: Aging is what you choose to make it. What a place to age well.


  1. It's an enigma, Frank. How could this happen? It appears to be a very nice craft ... maybe something happened to the owner...weird. And yes, sad.

  2. What a shame, and what a waste. I hope someone rescues it before long

  3. I heard there have been lots of abandoned boats lately. People can't afford them and quit paying on them and just abandoned them.
    Have you seen the show Dirty Jobs. They did a show that featured these guys that would pull much longer abandoned boats out of the waters in Louisiana. Pretty interesting. Who knew?

  4. Is it possible the owner doesn't know? It's a shame to see a nice sailboat partially sunk. I miss sailing :(

  5. What a waste! How interesting--in our area a boat like that wouldn't be there for long. (sigh) The tweekers would take her away and sell her on ebay.