Monday, October 12, 2009

It better be FRESH!

"A Fresher Way of Eating Is Coming" declares the crisp white signage showing fruits and vegetables splashing and sinking through clear water. I must say the graphic approach caught my eye. The restaurant is slated to open on Franklin Street in Tampa downtown in January 2010.


  1. Hi Frank,
    I seem to have lost my mind! I thought that I followed your blog and wondered why there were no posts since August. I'm not sure what happened by I'm glad that I found your blog again.
    This is really a very creative and colorful sign. It seems when the door is opened there will be a large amount of water pouring out!
    Sunny :)

  2. Now this is very well done! Just super. And a great photo! I think because it is so tasteful and interesting it will attract a number of customers...

  3. I'd be a little careful opening the door.

  4. Good chance of getting your feet wet if you go in there Frank, lovely shot.