Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lakeside cabin, wash tub and casino gambling

This setting is as bucolic as it appears. Small country cabin up along the edge of a peaceful Florida lake. Just big enough to water ski on but not too big. Palmettos and thick St. Augustine grass grows right down to the water's edge, cattails fill the shallows and the oaks are as tall and grand as any that ever shaded the earth. The covered dock just off a bit and the boat tied up complete a scene of restful relaxation, almost a place that time forgot.

But just across the lake, rising up several stories is a jarring reminder that this is not old Florida but a state that permits casino gambling. If you pull in close you can see that guests on the mid- to upper-floors of the casino hotel are looking down at the small lake and it's pastoral, almost watercolor setting. Oh, well, there went the neighborhood.

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  1. I guess planners would call it progress, but sometimes the old sleepy ways are best.