Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Must Clear Her Inventory (and she missed the Krazy Ice Cream!)

If you've followed my blogs for a while you know I cannot resist these street-side maidens (and sometimes beaus) who spend countless hot, humid days standing along some of our busiest roadways. Virtually forgotten as they go about their trade, rain or shine - mainly lots of shine - spewed by engine exhaust, they all try to grab our attention for a product, a store, a workout joint or costume jewelry outlet. Their pay is extremely low, zero, so their attitude and overall demeanor is what ultimately spells success or failure. Having paid no attention to what this gal was liquidating, I'm guessing it's long, sparkling evening wear. But it's really about her. And her many brothers and sisters, trying their very best with a wooden expression, and steely glare, pursed lips saying so much without uttering a single word. It's obvious they are all trying to communicate the same thing: "Take me inside already. Put me back in a window where I belong. I am not one of those kinds of girls you can put out on the street. And, get some shoes on me. Please!"

Do visit a couple of my previous mannequins HERE and HERE. And don't miss this Romeo awaiting his Juliet HERE.

I am pleased to welcome a new follower to Tampa Florida Photo: Mel Gilbert, who lives in Ocoee, Florida. (Ocoee is in central Florida, just east of beautiful Lake Apopka and west of Orlando.)

Retired from the U.S. Navy and teaching (high school history - yeh!) Mel takes us on a photo adventure of the U.S. and Canada. His photo skills are superb. Visit him HERE. His blog's tagline:
Every day of your life is a page of your history...


  1. I'm beginning to wonder about you, Frank, what with all these rigid, unfeeling women.

    Without shoes, yet.

    At least she won't complain about your cigars, right?

  2. I think my friend wore that dress to an Amway Convention one time.
    Some poor persons job has been outsourced to a mannequin. Atleast they put a wig on her.

    We have a guy out here who wears a bright poncho and dances on the street corner. He advertises a Mexican Rest.


  3. Yours is the only city in CDP I've encountered that has mannequins on roads and sidewalks! I find it so odd! But fun!

    She not only wants to go indoors, I'm sure she wants out of that hideous gown too!

  4. Krazy Ice Cream? sounds like a Cheech and Chong endeavor.

  5. @ Jacob - Someday someone will stop and question me about my predilection for these street-side characters. Then what will I say??!!

    @ Joy - Amway Convention? Maybe that's where I met this gal before.

    @ Hilda - If these mannequins begin to appear on the streets of Manila I want to know about it immediately. I'll come save you and your fellow countrymen with my camera. (That would be my long-awaited excuse to spend a month or so exploring your beautiful country.)

    @ B SQUARED - Cheech and Chong? I think it would be chocolate chip cookies or certainly brownies. And, here I thought I was the only one left with a copy of their award-winning comedy album..."Ah, man, it was just an ambulance."

  6. If they put those mannequins out on the streets here, the college students would have a field day!

  7. (guffaw) I have to tell you--your blog is a HOOT! I LOVE it! (Grin) Your sense of humor is delightful.