Monday, October 5, 2009

She's barefoot and 50% Off.

How shocking she's working the street in her bare feet. Didn't her mother teach her better? Next thing you know she'll show up with a tattoo and wearing a silly hat from her grandmother's closet. Oh, no. That IS grandma's Easter hat. What is happening to this younger generation? At least she isn't wearing a studded black leather belts slung over her shoulder. Yet. (Does she look a bit wooden to you or is it just me?)


  1. She needs some fashion lessons for sure so what if she looks a little wooden!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. She is somewhat rigid and not very articulate.

  3. She looks a little petulant to me with those lips stuck out like that!

  4. It seems to me that you're doing way too much speculating. Didn't you strike up a conversation with her? I mean, the really important question is, 50% off what?

    Maybe this is where you can get half a tattoo (that's a "too") for 50% off? Didya ever think of that?