Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shark's Head NOT for Sale

Scary, yet whimsical are the elements captured and combined in this image of the Southeastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators store on North Florida Avenue. They carry just about every brand and type of fishing equipment and perform repairs as well. Plus they sell things that are essential to every fisherman/woman such as lanterns, knives, coolers and camp stoves. Nets, too, like the bait nets I have featured in the past. What they have that every tackle shop can't boast of is their very own shark's head planted squarely in the center of their store in plain sight of passing motorists. Hey, it did the trick. It caught my eye.


  1. He doesn't look as fierce as some sharks I've seen, but I guess they don't want to scare away the customers! I like the pink and blue colors on the building.

  2. I don't know about this...any place that would put a shark's head out front...

    Liquidators always has a bad connotation for me...'cause I used to play a lot of golf and the gold "liquidators" sold mostly junk with similar-sounding names to the major brands...

    Are you sure they sell grade A stuff?

    Or were you taken in by a shark? ;-)

  3. Love their logo; there's a photo there on it own.