Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Carnival Cruise Ship's horn is blowing: Passengers must be on board now

Some things about the places where we live we tend to overlook, take for granted or forget about altogether. We may not see this place we call home. Every time we pass over the beautiful river and bays that surround us and not glance left or right from the bridge. Or speed down the Bayshore and not even notice the gorgeous water and view. Passengers by the thousands come from all over the US to sail from our port. I bet a lot of them are amazed by what they see here and will take home special memories of being in Tampa. For me, it's hard to not pay attention as I see the cruise ships leaving their docks and making their way slowly out to the Gulf. It's a grand sight every time. And, it's fun to see the frantic activity at the terminals as late-arriving passengers practically jump from cabs to make the gate just as the horns are blaring and the ship announces final boarding. They are smiling though as they race through to the ship. It happens all the time but it's still an interesting part of our city that not every place can lay claim to. Living as close as we do in Florida to the islands of the Caribbean and Mexico, Tampa is the jumping off point for travelers who, for many, are embarking on a trip of a lifetime. We should recognize before visitors do that we live in a spectacular and beautiful city. We should be proud.


  1. Hi Frank, I've noticed how colourful the buildings are in Tampa. Most of ours here are of sandstone so seeing yours makes a change.

  2. Yes, bright warm colors are a favorite on buildings and homes. Deep, satuated earth tones are popular. Not as much as Santa Fe, New Mexico but close. It's a Florida and Southwestern US theme I guess.