Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gator Meat at Gilligan's Hideaway Bar & Grill

It's "Stranded Downtown" but Gilligan's Hideaway on Morgan Street isn't without a food supply line to the outside world. Guests for lunch and dinner will find a tasty menu and full bar that would have kept Gilligan happy and Ginger ravishing. You'll feel welcome here. Big burgers, wings and delicious fried gator tail would please the Skipper and castaways. (Gator is tasty but not as good as fried shrimp.) Gilligan's Hideway is oozing with lots of friendly fun right in the heart of the city. It's convenient to the office towers for a quick business lunch plus it's a short walk to the St. Pete Times Forum for a bite before the game and then back after a win for cold brews. The outdoor patio is kick-back inviting and the entire place becomes a hockey fan's favorite hangout on Tampa Bay Lightning game nights. But you've got to admit, the real reason to go is because you can't resist a place that proudly and loudly screams GATOR MEAT. This isn't Vermont or Minnesota, folks, it's Florida. (Gator is better and much tastier than rattlesnake. I promise.)

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  1. I can only assume this place is owned by a FSU grad. Those dreaded Noles are everywhere.