Sunday, July 26, 2009

NY Times Now Appears in 3D

I read The New York Times, and local newspapers, every day. If you're a newspaper reader, and haven't moved entirely to the web for your news, it happens on occasion that a page just doesn't make it off the presses as the printers intended and two pages are stuck together or a portion of a page or two doesn't get enough ink. It happens. If it's in the middle of an article I was particularly interested in, and was in the middle of, I might have cursed the giant printing press and try to find another copy of the paper and finish the article. (Of course this is before we had the Internet, Google, etc.) Or forget about it and try to move on with my life never knowing how the story ended. Right, that's going happen. I got around to reading this section of the NY Times and found that a very interesting history-related article about an amateur historian, an old map and a Gold Rush in Georgia in 1826. It was one of those stories that peeked my interest. The photograph, from what was left it leaping jaggedly out of my paper, was exciting: it was of a gold miner in modern day Georgia looking for his gold strike. (The article: On a Map of Georgia, Old Words Start a New Rush for Tourists.) Although the columns of copy were unharmed, the paper took the photograph of the man who discovered the map and made it come alive in a way the newspaper never intended. It jumped off my page in near 3D. After my initial surprise, and "unhappiness" at my paper being destroyed, I came to kind of like it. Especially with this photo. Pretty cool after all. (I keep waiting for it to happen again but so far no luck.)


  1. You are one lucky son-of-a-gun...I mean to have a newspaper pop out in 3-D so's you could have a great shot for CDP. That's amazing. I guess you just live right!

  2. I heard rumors that there was someone, other than me, who read the NYT.
    Loved your take on it.

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