Saturday, July 11, 2009

RED ONIONS grilled or eaten raw are sweet and delicious. Screen printing in Ybor City is just a sideline to their life as a rocking red veggie.

RED ONIONS was one of those signs that caught my eye as I cruised through the quieter side streets in Ybor City. I slowed to look and of course wondered what the business was that the big sign was advertising. Located on 3rd Avenue in Ybor City, I figured the company must be a wholesaler of red onions. Logical, right? Or, was it a bar? A restaurant? Regardless, their sign was pretty cool and the wall color and sky made for a decent composition. But, when I got home I did my typical Internet search for the business. Although the information I found online was scant, RED ONIONS is a screen printing business. Who would have ever guessed.

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  1. I certainly wouldn't. But maybe a good choice for that very reason. Here we are talking about them - clever branding?