Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drive-Thru No More

It almost makes a coffee drinker cry. This place is solidly shuddered and weeds are beginning to push up through the pavement. And it looks so new. I admit I love my coffee. Like a lot of you, wherever you are in this great big world, we begin our day by brewing a cup, or two. Then perhaps again at the noon hour we reach for another cup. Then there are some of us who love a cup in the afternoon, then after dinner. Whew. I'd be exhausted just thinking about it if I wasn't so wired on my fourth cup. Vente. Some folks stay away from coffee but don't think anything of drinking two or three cans of Coke. Caffeinated. That's fine with me but I'm not a huge fan of Coke and Pepsi - only drink it on occasion when the mood strikes me. (Maybe accompanying a giant cheeseburger and fries.) I will also admit I became mildly addicted (OK, seriously addicted) to Starbucks coffee beans, which we grind at home. I don't visit the stores close by any longer but I like finding Starbucks stores when we travel, like in Santa Fe, NM, Newport, RI, Paris, Prague and Washington, DC, where it's almost possible to step from one into another without going outdoors. (I think NYC has reached this point as well 300-400 locations. I hear there are several around Union Square when in the late 70s the "residents" then wouldn't have been your ideal customer. Of any legal stimulant. Scary before trendy. If it's true that the US of A is now wallpapered with coffee shops, one on each corner like drug stores and convenient marts, how in the world would a new chain survive? This drive-thru seemed to close almost as fast as it opened. The chain appears to be very successful in the Napa region of Northern California where it began, but was up against stiff competition here. (They roasted their coffee beans in the store itself. How's that for fresh.) I hate to see any coffee shop go under. This closed and abandoned coffee emporium is a sad example of how tough it is to run any business or franchise, even if your "product" is our way to a jolting morning high. We are still picky about our favorite, legal pick-me-up. (You don't think there is a ban on coffee buried in the President's health care plan do you??!! I hear it's hundreds of pages long and no one has even read it.)


  1. drive-thru coffee makes sense to me, even though I didn't know they existed until today! Like you, I'm a coffee aficionado.

  2. Apparently, there was nothing in the "Stimulus" package for places like this.