Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oak trees shade a soggy Ballast Point park as picnikers celebrate the 4th of July

Heavy rains leading up to the 4th of July weekend didn't deter anyone from celebrating the holiday. All of the park's covered picnic areas and the gazebo were filled with lots of bright red, white and blue, laughter, music and food as families and friends gathered to celebrate our nation's birthday and independence. The old gnarled oaks in the park love the soaking rainstorms we've had and will continue to shade gathering of Americans who have a lot to be grateful for.
Happy 4th of July America.


  1. After the rain
    tree trunks reflect
    the blue sky

  2. Can the mosquitos be far behind?

  3. Just a beautiful, reflective shot, Frank! It's not often one can have a picnic and go swimming at the same time at Ballast Point park - right?

  4. This park, which lies right on the Hillsborough Bay, was underwater a few days ago and still has standing water everywhere. Only the covered picnic areas were dry.

  5. Hi Frank, thanks for your comment, it was actualy a mistake that post. It was supposed to go on an other blog.

    But it is something. There is something troublesom in the air. I actually agree with Geert, there is a mass immigration going on in Holland, last year 260.000 brides came in. That is a hughe number and I notice it, our town is strangly populated with 'head scarves' and they look down upon us. Their in disdain and arrogant toward the Dutch. Politicians are only saying that we are not allowed to discriminate and strangly favoring the muslims. Intimidation I guess. I ignored Islam as long as I could, I personally find it a hidious system.

    Geert Wilders is going to take over our politics, he already has done so, his party is in the polls the biggest party. This means that Holland is going to be a publicly hostile nation toward Islam in 2 years. It's in the air, it's in the minds of people, they are fed up with the agressive immigrants. There is a thin layer of political correctness. This might disappear when the crisis really starts to hit (it's still not really present in public live the crisis). Anyway, it means we will be on the hitlist of the Jihad soon. We are anyway, but then on the top...

    I have bought a Koran and studied their religion a bit. I feel now we have a dark future coming here in the West. Persons like Geert Wilders might actually be people we need, if we don't want to subcumb to Islamic intimidation....

    Anyway how you turn it, I feel the future is going to be dark.